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Assignment Of Inventions Agreement Template

(a) existing inventions that may be maintained or ceded by the developer Any agreement, if any, with a current or former customer, an employer or any other person or entity that may limit my ability to accept a job with the company, or my ability to recruit or hire customers or service providers on behalf of the company , or in some other way, my ability to fulfill my obligations to the company or an obligation, which I may have vis-à-vis the company, concern or limit are listed below: Previous agreements. The employee assures and guarantees that the employee`s compliance with the terms of the agreement is not contrary to a confidentiality agreement of the property information acquired by the employee prior to the company`s employment. The employee listed in Appendix A all other proprietary information agreements or inventions in which the employee is involved. In good conscience, there is no other contract between the employee and another person or institution that is contrary to this agreement or that relates to proprietary information, inventions, the attribution of ideas or intellectual property. Third-party information. The employee acknowledges that the company has received confidential information or third-party owners and will receive it in the future, including, but not limited to the company`s customers and strategic partners. The employee will treat all this information in a strictly confidential manner and will not use the information or share it with third parties (unless necessary for the performance of the employee`s work for the company, which is in accordance with the company`s agreement with that third party). (c) future inventions that will be made after the expiry of the agreement and which, if based on the work performed for the company and executed shortly after the end of the contract, will also have to be disclosed and divested. Change Exemptions. This agreement can only be amended or terminated by a written agreement signed by both parties.

Non-exercise or delay in exercising a right under this agreement is not considered a waiver. 12.8. Consultation with the lawyer. I had the opportunity to get advice from an independent lawyer. I have read and understood all the terms of this agreement. This agreement should not be interpreted against a party because of the development or preparation of the agreement by that party. 4.7. Exception to allowances.

IF: applicable state law prohibits the transfer of an invention from me to society, THEN: I will retain the rights to the invention. See Appendix B. 10.3. I recognize and agree that I have listed in Schedule A all agreements (for example, non-competition agreements. B, non-request for customer agreements, non-advertising of personnel contracts, confidentiality agreements, invention agreements, etc.) if so, with a current or former client, employer or other organization that may limit my ability to accept a job with the company or, in other ways, limit my ability to fulfill my obligations to the company.