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Sudan Peace Agreement With Israel

However, as things stand, it will take more than 33 days for Friday`s announcement to culminate in a good faith peace agreement. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he opposed the new agreement and said no one had the right to speak on behalf of the Palestinians. Hamas, which controls Gaza, spoke of a “political sin.” The agreement with Sudan will include Israel`s aid and investment, including technology and agriculture, as well as further debt relief. It comes when Sudan and its transitional government are on the margins. In recent days, thousands of people have protested against poor economic conditions in the capital Khartoum and other regions. Legislators also disagree on the protection of Sudan from future court decisions that could compel Khartoum to compensate the families of the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The families are working with New York-area lawmakers, including Senator Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats, to defend their claims to hold Sudan partly responsible for the five years he gave to Osama bin Laden, the instigator of Al Qaeda attacks, between 1991 and 1996. In early September 2016, it was announced that Israel had contacted the US government and other Western countries and encouraged them to take steps to improve relations with Sudan following the breakdown of relations between the Arab-African country and Iran last year. [9] In February 2020, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and The President of the Sovereign Council of Sudan, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, met in Uganda, where they agreed to normalize relations between the two countries. [10] Later that month, Israeli aircraft were allowed to fly over Sudan. [11] In May 2020, Israel took paramedics and equipment to Sudan to try to rescue a Sudanese diplomat, Najwa Gadah Aldam, who managed to organize the meeting in Uganda while working as a political advisor to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni when she became infected and died of COVID-19. [12] Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the agreement was a “dramatic breakthrough for peace” and the beginning of a “new era.” “This is amazing and fast,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in the phone call, referring to the standardization agreements. Asked by Trump whether “Sleepy Joe,” Democratic candidate Joe Biden, could have made the same breakthrough with Sudan, he discouraged it.

In the case of Sudan, the announcement was related to its removal from the U.S. list of terrorism sponsors and Sudan`s approval to pay millions of dollars in compensation to U.S. victims of terrorism. On Monday, Trump tweeted that he intends to remove Sudan from the list as soon as he deposited $335 million into an account for U.S. victims of terrorism. On Friday, the White House officially informed Congress that Sudan had deposited the money. In Khartoum, a broad coalition formed against the idea of peace with Israel – including the leader of Sudan`s largest party – and pledged to fight the agreement. A familiar person said that Mr. Pompeo had assured General al-Burhan that the immunity plan would be approved in the coming weeks.