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Porsche Financial Services Lease Agreement

By every hairpin turn and open immediately, the time you spend with your Porsche vehicle is clearly yours. Don`t let your porsche passion fade away just because your current lease is coming to an end. Learn more about your end-of-lease options and learn more about them. Compared to retail customer financing, leasing typically offers lower monthly payments, since your payment is based on the part of the vehicle you use. This allows extra financial flexibility or the ability to upgrade your vehicle. 1 Porsche Financial Services, Inc. (PFS) waives $1,000 in excess invoiced wear and up to US$300 in excess miles charged (1,000 m plus) for existing TMS leases for customers who lease or finance their next Porsche with PFS. The customer must return the existing leased vehicle (see the existing lease agreement for return details) at the same time as the conclusion of a new pfS lease or PFS financing contract. The customer must return the vehicle by leasing between 01.09.2020 and 04.01.2021 in order to be able to forego the overtaking of the mileage.

When the vehicle is returned, PFS waives the set-up fee. The customer is responsible for paying all overuse charges over the $1,000 waiver amount and any additional charges charged above the $300 waiver amount. The customer is responsible for the execution of all other terms of the existing lease (for example. B late fees, remaining outstanding or undaunted monthly payments and any other costs or fees due under the contract). Waiver returns cannot be exchanged in cash, their value cannot be applied or credited to the new sale, leasing or financing transaction. Limit the waiver of wear of more than $1,000 and the absence of exceeding mileage per reported customer account. Waiver declarations are not transferable. This offer only applies to the United States.

Empty, where forbidden. This offer is subject to SSS loan applications for approval. Not all customers qualify. PFS reserves the right to amend or terminate, at its sole discretion, waiver declarations. For more information, visit a licensed Porsche dealer. Porsche Financial Services offers loyalty programs to move you from your current lease to a brand new porsche and offer you the latest innovations – and new opportunities for adventure. Check out our loyalty programs while checking your end-of-lease options below. Time passes when you embrace winding curves in a Porsche. And if the time has come until the end of your rental period, why should your Porsche experience follow? Our leasing and single pay lease offer you a wide range of ways to meet your different needs and make the transition from your current lease to another all-new Porsche as easy as engine start-up. Porsche Financial Services may forego up to 12 residual payments from your current Financial Services Leasings porsche if you lease your new Porsche vehicle with Porsche Financial Services or finance it through the private sector.

Check out our loyalty programs while checking your end-of-lease options below: drive with the confidence that if your vehicle is considered total damage as a result of an accident or theft, Porsche Financial Services will waive the amount between your insurance policy and the remaining balance due to your lease1, allowing you to focus on your next exciting trip.1 Subject to compliance with all the terms of the contract. Rental. At the end of the rental, you can simply turn on your vehicle, or since the residual value is fixed in advance, it may be a wise choice to buy your vehicle. The answers to the frequently asked rental-end questions that drivers have are available on the link below. With flexible conditions, mileage options and no deposit, our Preferred lease can be adapted to your lifestyle.