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What Law Allows A Real Estate Agent To Write A 2 Year Rental Agreement

Thank you for your reply Kaycee! I really appreciate that you took the time to respond. 🙂 We informed them of the law and they did not really recognize it. So I don`t really know what`s going to happen to him. We`re in the process of buying a house and trying to be outside by then anyway, but I really wish they had handled it better. Anyway, thank you again for your help! I live in Pennsylvania. My lease states that I will be terminated 90 days in advance if the landlord sells the property. My landlord`s husband gave me a letter about the intention to sell and I have 90 days to leave. The house is not yet listed for sale. When does my 90 days start? I have an annual auto-renewing lease that ends in January 2020. The rental house we live in was sold from October 31, 2017 was only informed on November 3, 2017, we have already paid our rent to the previous owner, now the new owner said that we are owners for November. We cancelled the cheque that the previous owner had cashed on November 8, 2017 and took receipt from the new owner and showed that they told us that we were responsible for getting it back from the previous owner. Try calling the previous owner to ask if they don`t want to answer or call us back.

Need bad help Oh no! Fleas are the worst. Here is an article with tips on how to deal with a pest infestation when renting My wife and I live in an apartment that has been sold. The broker added a clause before our original signature while we were getting married outside the country that says we have to leave 90 days after notifying our landlord that it has been sold, but mentions in the email that we have “up to 90 days”. Like the first comment. We started renting on November 17th. Paid $1,000 for the deposit. We decided not to buy our rent due to the age of the house, and it would cost more to solve the problems. We are currently finding other cheaper properties on the market that I explained to the LL.

The LL does not try to hear or understand. So the owner called me. She told me that if someone decides to buy the house while we still live there, she will terminate the lease. I understand that if she let us go, she would lose money. I feel like a puppet right now because you can`t move until . My problem is that potential buyers come back almost every day of the week and every weekend. .