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United Rentals Lease Agreement

“Lease and Service Agreement” means the agreement between Customer and United for United to lease equipment and/or services provided, whether such agreement is entered into personally on the Company`s site, online or at the time of delivery of the Equipment and which will contain these Rental and Service Terms by reference and identify the equipment to be rented by Customer. The agreement contains these rental and service conditions by reference. Read carefully, please. This agreement contains a indemnification clause, class action and jury waiver, as well as United`s limitations of liability. By accepting delivery of the equipment or services (defined below) or paying United for them, Customer agrees to be bound by the Rental and Service Terms and the RPP Terms (if any), even if the Rental and Service Agreement has not been fully executed. Due to the hazardousness of certain waste and other products, compliance with federal and state environmental regulations, and the promotion of a clean environment, United collects an environmental service fee for certain rentals. The environmental charge is not a government-imposed royalty, is not intended for a particular purpose, and is used at United`s discretion. The Environmental Service Fee is 2.00% of the Service Fee and does not exceed US$99. Customer acknowledges that the above items are subject to the Environmental Service Fee and Customer agrees to pay such fee. As further described in our Privacy Policy under, you must disclose certain personal and financial information in order to use our website, register, and make purchases or rentals. As a prerequisite for registering on our site, purchasing or renting products and/or services or executing transactions, you represent that you have first read our Privacy Policy and agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data, financial information and other information as described in our Privacy Policy. The terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy change from time to time and, as a prerequisite to browsing the Site, using features, purchasing or renting, you agree to first check our Privacy Policy before making any purchases or rentals or using the Features of the Site.

21. FULL AGREEMENT / AGREEMENT ONLY. The Lease Agreement, including the front and back of the Lease Agreement, and any attached additions represent the entire agreement between Customer and United with respect to the Equipment and the Rental of the Equipment.. . . .