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Sole Custody And Visitation Agreement

Can he have full custody if his parents watch the children while we work? Question from Carolyn: Currently, I have sole physical custody of my son and I have shared custody with my ex. As part of the shared custody contract, I am told that I have to contact him for certain things. He changed his number, so I can`t call him. He has only seen my son twice from the court, although he is allowed to visit three times a week. He wants nothing to do with his son. Based on these facts, can I obtain sole custody? Child dating problems can be complex and emotional, so consider hiring a professional. All States attach great importance to the child`s relationship with both parents and many believe that the child should regularly see both parents. Therefore, if you were granted sole custody in divorce proceedings, the court order likely contained a visitation plan to allow the other parent to spend time with your child. I live with a friend who lost custody of his children (for accusations of negligence and abuse by the mother). Although my ex knows that the accusations are not true, he cited this as a reason to give him custody.

I also get social assistance because I can`t work and I`m trying to continue my university education. My ex`s complaints were that my home was dangerous for my daughter, that I lived off my roommate and had no income, and that our daughter had to endure a one-hour commute to school. Can I lose my custody because I am on social assistance? What can I do/say/present to help my case in detention? Brette`s answer: You are completely between a rock and a hard place, and I understand what you are going through. They have fully set out all the arguments for and against more family allowances. He may ask for the visit if you ask for it, but you know him and you can probably predict how he will react. In addition to custody decisions, the judge will likely also make child support orders. Remember that a support order for custody and visiting children is separate, so you cannot refuse to let the other parent see the children simply because he or she does not pay the support ordered by the court. And you can`t refuse to pay family allowances just because the other parent doesn`t let you see your children. But family allowances and custody are linked, because the time spent by each parent with the children influences the amount of maintenance of the child. Click here to learn more about family allowances. Brette`s response: Not having a job has no influence on custody and visitation.

Since you have already done a study, I do not think you have any reason to change. A move is also not a reason to change, especially since you can continue the schedule as it is. The question of whether he sells conjugious property is also not in custody. Custody is a matter of children`s well-being, period. Since the court order is a legal document, you and your ex must comply with it. You are not allowed to refuse or suspend access rights yourself. If you wish to change the visit plan, you must apply to the court. Until then, you have to allow your ex to see your child. Can I get sole custody if I already have physical custody? If distance is the only reason you have sole custody, your visiting plan should offer a generous visit to the non-custodial parent if the child is not attending school. . .