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Beyond Compare License Agreement

Upgrade protection If you purchase a new license, you will automatically receive 12 months of upgrade protection. In other words, if we release a major upgrade within 12 months of purchase, you can get the upgrade for free. You will only get automatic upgrade protection if you pay the full price of a license. It will not be restored if you pay half the price of an upgrade to a new major version. If you skip a major version and pay the full price of the upgrade, it is effectively a new license and you get an additional 12 months of upgrade protection. I deleted the folder, but I still received the notification field that the license key has been revoked. Wenn Ihr Upgrade-Schutz abläuft, können Sie ihn nur zum Zeitpunkt des Kaufs eines Upgrades wiederherstellen, indem Sie den jährlichen Betrag (20%) zusätzlich zum Upgrade-Preis (50%) zahlen. Die Upgrade-Transaktion legt das Neue Upgrade-Schutz-Jubiläumsdatum fest. This registration code was used a few months ago, and when I opened the company today, I was prompted to wait for the prompt period after 15 days, then I reinsured myself with this registration code, and the expiration prompt was gone.

Reverted by sudo rm -rf ~/.config/bcompare Lizenzfehler wurde behoben. Location License Key: A license key for unlimited users and a multi-location site can be used by all employees of the customer within a radius of 100 miles around the location indicated in the license key (“location”) by all employees of the customer, while being present in person at the site. This license is also granted to the customer`s employees, who typically work on the site, while they perform customer work at other sites such as customer sites or at home.. . . .