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B3 Living Tenancy Agreement

This usually takes time for a 12-month trial period. It is a kind of secure short-term rental agreement. Your rental agreement defines your responsibilities as a tenant. At the end of your start-up lease, either you are offered: a housing company can give new tenants a starter lease for a trial period of 12 months before deciding whether you have a longer-term lease. Your rights and obligations depend on the type of rental you have. Broxbourne-based housing company B3living has signed a £49 million contract with builder Interior Homes for 195 homes in South East Hertfordshire. Steve Woodcock, Managing Director of B3living, said: “This project represents a real milestone for B3Living. This will be our biggest project to date and significant growth for our size. An initial rental agreement may be offered to new tenants of housing companies.

These usually last 12 months and are like a “trial phase”.