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Surrender Agreement Hong Kong Template

A leasing document written by lawyers generally covers more aspects than standard form agreements, with the former tending to identify more problems that could lead to litigation. Identifying and addressing these issues before the parties commit to the terms of the lease agreement can reduce the chances of future disputes between the parties. However, the deposit paid by the tenant deserves special attention. According to a judgment issued by the Hong Kong Council of Applicants before 1 July 1996, the contract for the return of the deposit to a tenant by a lessor is a personal promise and therefore can only be implemented against the landlord in person and not against the new owner. Therefore, unless there are other agreements or agreements, the new owner cannot be held responsible for the deposit paid to the former owner. The tenant must ensure that a fresh deposit is paid to the new owner after the return of the same by the previous owner. Depending on the circumstances, some parties may also enter into lease/lease agreements with the assistance of real estate agents in order to record the agreed terms in a standard form and to include any additional clauses they wish to add. On the other hand, a break clause gives a party the right to terminate a lease agreement before a certain period of time has expired or after certain incidents have occurred. In other words, a party may violate the agreement before the original term expires. It is customary for leases to list “rental facilities,” whether the tenant is “handed over” to the landlord when the property is given to an appropriate status or a replacement of the value of the depreciation (. B, for example, air conditioners, electrical/cooking/heating appliances, bath and plumbing faucets, recessed cabinets, doors and windows, etc.). The payer wants to give up his lease and leave me with the other two. However, the use of “specific performance” is discretionary and fair (not as a given).

In some cases, the Court of Justice cannot be satisfied that an appropriate alternative property is not readily available on the market (particularly for residential real estate in major construction projects). The Court may also be concerned that it may not be able to continuously monitor and enforce a lease against the owner for years. Third-party rights may also be affected if the owner has already sold the property to other parties who may refuse to grant a specific benefit. In this case, the tenant may only be entitled to damages to compensate for his losses in the form of money. I am a tenant and I want to give up my lease prematurely after being threatened in my neighborhood. The house I rent is beautiful and the owner is a nice lady, but I worry for the safety of my daughter and I who is only 6 years old. I don`t feel safe going to school or in stores, which is really hard since I don`t drive.