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Stamp Paper Date Later Than Agreement Date

As has already been said, agreements that are placed on old stamp paper are valid. In Thiruvengada Pillai vs. Navaneethammal – Anr. (see here), it was decided by the Honourable Supreme Court that the Indian Stamp Act does not impose an expiration date for the use of stamp paper. Within the six-month period covered in Section 54, it is simply stated that a person in possession of a stamp paper for which he had no direct use and for which he was not used directly is not corrupted, unfit or unnecessary, that he can be handed over to the collector and refunded after deduction of 10 paise per rupee. Section 54 does not require a person to use a stamp paper within six months of purchase. As a result, the reimbursement of an old stamp paper cannot be made after six months, but there are no restrictions on its use. 13. If a person wishes to establish or re-enlighten an agreement with a backdated agreement, the first obstacle to which he or she finds himself is the unavailability of the stamp paper from that old date.

Therefore, the manipulations of the issue date and seal affixed by the stamp seller as well as the items made by the stamp seller are quite common in a falsified document. If the agreement is dated 5.1.1980 and the stamp papers used are purchased in 1973 and 1978, one possible finding is that the applicant is unable to back up a backdated stamp paper for the establishment of the agreement (with a date before the sale date in favour of the second defendant), and has used some old stamp papers available to him. to create the document. The fact that very old different data paper stamps have been used can certainly be a circumstance that can be used as evidence to doubt without a doubt the authenticity of the agreement. But it can`t be proof. It is also possible that a layperson who is not familiar with the legal provisions relating to postage stamps may think in good faith that he or she could use the old unused stamp papers it contains to prepare the document and use the old stamp papers accordingly. … 25 of the same decision, the Tribunal also executed as follows (CSC, 755-56) “25. The ornament of the final decree into a divisional action would relate to the date of the decree.

They beg… The date of installation of stamp paper is… uncertain action in the area, competence and control of a party. There is no date or time for a stamp document to be put in place. We were not shown a rule that required the Court of Justice to do so,… a) The sales contract (A-1) was not executed on stamp paper currently acquired, but was written on two stamp papers, one purchased on 25.8.1973 in the name of Thiruvengadam and the other on 7.8.1978 in the name of Thiruvengadam Pillai. Stamping your chords is essential for applicability. Stamp paper Can you buy and store stamp paper in advance? Sometimes you may buy a stamp paper, but you weren`t able to use it for certain reasons.