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Iain Duncan Smith Withdrawal Agreement Vote

Votes in Parliament for which the votes of this Mp were abrupt of the majority, which departs from the majority of their party (rebel), or where this MP was a plate (plate) or both (Rebel Teller). But Smith, a staunch Eurosceptic and former Conservative leader, now mocks the deal he has reached with Parliament. Indeed, Duncan Smith later confirmed this in an article falsely stating that the withdrawal agreement was a “work in progress” and that the United Kingdom could still “reject” it. He also appears to be trying to disparage the provisions of the citizens` rights agreement – which are already less than what the withdrawal campaign promised in the vote – and falsely claims that the EU refuses to negotiate services (the EU`s proposed trade deal contains 34 pages on this issue). Does your criticism of the agreement have any value? As James Crisp pointed out, Duncan Smith`s claim for $160 billion in liability expects that every investment of the European Investment Bank will fail without restructuring (the bank has an AAA rating) and that EU countries will decide to use capital instead of finding other ways to cover liability. Commentators like Chris Grey quickly drew attention to the striking irony of such complaints that are becoming increasingly mouthful. He voted for the withdrawal agreement last year and was pleased for a party in the general election which said it was a great success for Boris Johnson, a “ready-made” deal that would ensure the UK`s successful withdrawal from the European Union. Duncan Smith`s protests against the “thinness” of the agreement seem particularly absurd and in poor taste. He was among those who insisted the most that the agreement should not be subject to abbreviated parliamentary scrutiny until 2019, as all parliamentarians are fully aware of its provisions. Less than a year later, it turns out that he himself was not aware of any important provisions or that he voted in favour of the agreement which concealed the fact that he himself considered himself to be considered an unacceptable document at the time. In no way will Iain Duncan Smith come out of this incident with honor or credibility.