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Warrnambool City Council Enterprise Agreement

“Can you send me a copy of the lease,” I emailed Mr. Higgins. According to the Council`s rent register, the current annual rent, calculated at 130 Timor-St, is only $9900 or $190 per week, which is low for Warrnambool. She`s a Carol. As the director of a non-profit community service a few years ago, I looked for housing for our organization and talked to some members of the toilet board to see if they would have something we could use. These special tips tried to find us a little fruitless, but reading this article, I wonder again if we could have done more. The building of this article would not have been suitable for my organization, because it is not accessible to people with disabilities, but I have to wonder if there are any buildings in the interior that would have been appropriate. Perhaps we could publish a list of the buildings that we own as taxpayers and for which they are used and how much rent is paid for it. I think organizations like mine would be more worthy of these buildings with lower rent than WCC staff. It is also quite normal for a council to provide short-term housing to new employees who have moved from elsewhere.

Therefore, if a tenant maintains the original lease with the WCC, it seems that they can stay pretty much forever. The bank`s large building is part of the Council-owned Archie Graham complex and is just a two-minute walk from the Council`s offices. Warrnambool City Council employees are already among the lowest paid public servants in the state. This will be anchored in the aary offer of the last proposed agreement. Carol, to continue to inform, educate and irritate – I know the council member who has lived on the top floor of Archie Graham`s centre since the late 1980s – is outraged, but ultimately sad that there is a very lucrative agreement for a member of Warrnambool City Council. “Rents will be extended if there is an agreement between the council and the tenants,” Higgins wrote. Vote NO to the agreement proposed by Warrnambool City Council! Surprisingly, the lease agreement between the City Council and the tenant is also considered “ongoing,” which means that it has no renewal or deadline. I must point out at this point that I would not normally write about the affairs of a private tenant, but in this case, the tenants are civil servants, the rental of public houses and the leases are therefore in the public interest. This is why councils must first keep a rent register, even if very few of them look at existence. Despite this, I decided not to mention the people involved. Both were contacted to comment, but refused. “A fair landlord does not evict tenants or renew leases if tenants have acted in accordance with a rental agreement,” he replied.

The Council`s rent register confirms that the same employee has rented the top floor of a first-class property on Timorstrasse 130 since 1987. According to the enterprise agreement, this employee`s salary is estimated to be between $76,000 and $83,000 plus Super. Having spent a lot of time looking at what other councils are doing around renting, I can tell you that these two leases are very unusual. I think taxpayers deserve to know who builds such leases, they are part of a wage package, which sets rents and how often they are checked, the rent includes electricity and water, and do other people ever have the opportunity to apply for the same property? And in the last 31 years since the lease began, the Council – that is, the payers – has paid for maintenance, repairs and other property improvements.