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Uup Telecommuting Agreement

The contract, which was due to expire on October 2, 2021, now runs until the end of the day on January 1, 2021. It allows UUP members to tele-shuttle if this is operational and stresses that telework requests should be accepted as much as possible, said Fred Kowal, President of the UUP. United University Professions has agreed with the state to extend a telework agreement allowing employees to work from their homes or other workplaces. Teleworkers must ensure that official recordings and information are safe and not kept in such a way that it is made available to others. Teleworkers are responsible for complying with all government, agency, institution, university or campus guidelines, procedures and standards for the use of computer equipment and data/information security during telework. These policies, procedures and standards can be found in the Agency`s guidelines and procedures section, the institution, the university or the campus intranet, or on the ITS website. Staff must undergo telework training, provided that training is provided before telework is permitted. These include training in the use of the software needed for remote access, data security procedures and any guidance necessary for the work plan presentation process. The rejection of telework applications under the pilot telecommunications program is not lamentable in collective agreements. In the past, the state and SUNY have resisted UUP`s efforts to negotiate a national telemutation agreement that allows employees to commute across the system. The need for the state to respond to the current pandemic has allowed us to contribute to the protection of the health of our members and perhaps to see that telework can work when it is operational.

First, the good news. I have just learned that the telework agreement that all public sector unions negotiated with new York State at the beginning of the COVID state of emergency has been extended until the end of December 2020.