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Agreement To Sale Of Plot Format

2. Since time is the essence of the contract, the last date of execution of the deed of sale is agreed between the parties on or before the date or before the second party has the right to execute and register the ceremony for the sale of that property for the benefit of one or more persons to whom the first party does not object. However, all costs of the sales wear announcement are borne by the buyer. 5. The seller hands over to the buyer and the second part all documents, property documents, other receipts and receipts, etc., as well as physical and unfilled detention at the time of the execution and registration of the deed of sale. 1. That the 2nd party paid a sum of nur_____ as a serious payment on the total sales of cash/Cheque/D.D. The date of _____to of the first part, the receipt of the first part is confirmed and the balance of the agreement is received by the first part of the second part at the time of the execution and registration of the sale of the property/plot. 3. If the first part does not perform and obtain the number of sales celebrations for the benefit of the second party or its candidate, the date set for receipt of the sale of balances, including the date on which it was concluded, is required to pay the liquidated damage to the second party, in accordance with the terms of this agreement, applied specifically by the Tribunal to the risk and risk costs of the first seller, and the first party is also required to pay the liquidated damage in the second part. CONSIDERING that the First Party has agreed to sell the part to the second part and that the Second Party has agreed to acquire the same thing for consideration of the total sale of – (only) on the following terms:- At WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have signed and signed to that agreement after receiving the same conditions as a sign of accuracy. the day, month and year that were written here in the presence of the following paragraphs:- WHEREAS the first part is the absolute and undisputed owner of Property/Plot No_ – Surface Measurement – Sq.